Please find below a list of our current school policies and documents available for download.

Anaphylaxis Management Policy (.pdf 120 KB)
Anti-Bullying Policy (.pdf 178 KB)
Assessment Policy (.pdf 57 KB)
Attendance Policy (.pdf 110 KB)
Child Protection Reporting Obligations (.pdf 387 KB)
Child Safety Policy (.pdf 104 KB)
Co-Curricular Activities Policy (.pdf 126 KB)
Drug Policy (.pdf 72 KB)
End of Semester-Year Policy (.pdf 127 KB)
First Aid Policy (.pdf 53 KB)
Food Services Policy (.pdf 92 KB)
Head Lice Policy (.pdf 35 KB)
Homework Policy (.pdf 50 KB)
Individual Needs Policy (.pdf 83 KB)
Lateness Policy (.pdf 40 KB)
Privacy Policy (.pdf 129 KB)
Sexual Diversity Policy (.pdf 92 KB)
Student Driver Policy (.pdf 58 KB)
Student Rights & Responsibilities (.pdf 141 KB)
Student Sexual Harassment Policy (.pdf 143 KB)
Sustainability Policy (.pdf 67 KB)
Uniform Policy (.pdf 136 KB)
VCAL Policy (.pdf 116 KB)
Visitors to School Policy (.pdf 46 KB)
Year 10 & 11 Exam Policy (.pdf 59 KB)
Year 12 VCE Teaching Policy (.pdf 77 KB)
Year 9 to 11 Promotion Policy (.pdf 153 KB)
Year 7 Camp Itinerary (.pdf 152 KB)
Year 8 Camp Itinerary (.pdf 152 KB)