SEAL and Scholarship applications are now closed

Please check your email for details regarding the SEAL and Scholarship testing. 

The 2022 SEAL Program Edutest will be held on Saturday 8 May 2021.

The test will be conducted onsite at St Albans Secondary College. 

Year 7 Scholarships Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL)

The SEAL Program is a Department of Education program that recognises outstanding, high achieving students, and provides them with opportunities to accelerate their academic studies, leadership skills, and creative talents from Year 7 through to Year 12.

“The SEAL program has completely changed how I view my education.  Being in a class of students who all strive for success encourages me to do so, as well.  So, possibly the most important thing I have learnt is to be hungry for improvement and strive to achieve my best, not just to be better than others.” – Patrick

Optimal Learning

St Albans Secondary College’s Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program caters for the special educational needs of high ability students.  It operates on the principles of acceleration, extension, and enrichment.  SEAL offers high achieving students the opportunity to extend and enrich their learning with like-minded peers, and provides participants with challenging and engaging course material in all core subjects.

“Being part of the SEAL Program has taught me not to settle for less than my best. I used to be content with whatever grade I received, but now I’m constantly striving for my personal best.  SEAL has taught me that I can achieve beyond what I thought I was capable of.” – Kellie

Holistic Development

The College expects and encourages students in the SEAL Program to participate in school-based extracurricular activities to develop their communication, leadership, and creative skills. Year 7 SEAL students take part in the Instrumental Music Program, and students attend camps designed to develop their teamwork skills. SEAL Students participate in academic competitions and school events such as the Parent Information Evening. SEAL students also have access to MAC (the Musical Appreciation Club), debating, Games Club, and a wide range of sporting activities. Please refer to the cocurricular section of this site for further details. 

“The SEAL Program helped me branch out into community work and leadership opportunities. I also learnt how to balance my studies with other commitments and how to improve my study skills and habits.” – Lani

Strong Support

Support is an integral part of the Program, and our committed and skilled teachers, Sub School Coordinators, and the SEAL Program Coordinator support students in their learning, monitoring their goals and progress. Students participate in activities designed to improve their learning skills, such as study skills workshops, and their wellbeing, such as activities to manage their resilience and learning confidence. In addition to this, our Careers Department works extensively with students to support them in choosing appropriate pathways beyond the College.

“The teachers who teach the SEAL class are phenomenally dedicated and knowledgeable, while also being approachable at any time for guidance – which I highly value.” – Vivienne


Learning within the SEAL Program is demanding as it is rewarding. Therefore, SEAL students must be academically capable, well organised, and committed, motivated learners. Suitable students will display characteristics such as:

  • being mature for their age, with a good attention span;
  • having good problem solving and reasoning abilities;
  • being a self-motivated and quick learner who is resilient and able to persevere;
  • having an excellent memory;
  • being an avid reader with an extensive vocabulary; and
  • having a wide range of interests and being very creative.

“Keep in mind that you are going to be challenged, but don’t give up if you don’t get a great mark or don’t grasp an idea right away. Work at it and try your best.” – Alex

Application and Selection

Applications for our SEAL program open in February of the year prior to the students entering Year 7. A link will become available on our Home Page to submit an application.

Student acceptance into the Program, at all year levels, is based on multiple sources of data.  To ensure a student’s suitability, those applying to enter the SEAL Program need to:

  • complete an online application form that provides all requested information
  • sit a formal academic assessment (run by Edutest, this tests student’s verbal and numerical reasoning, mathematics and reading ability, and their writing skills)
  • Provide information from previous school/s (such as semester reports, NAPLAN results (not required for this year’s applications due to the cancellation of the 2020 NAPLAN), and written work samples)

High-achieving applicants may be offered an Academic Excellence Scholarship (please note that this scholarship is only available to SEAL Program applicants). Applicants shortlisted for the SEAL Program or Scholarship may be required to attend an interview; such applicants will be notified if this is necessary.

For further information on our application process (including required documentation), please view our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, or contact the Program Coordinator, Ms Amy Lee, at

SEAL Learning Pathways

“I wanted to be challenged in my learning. My learning is of the utmost importance to me, so when I heard about the SEAL Program, I knew I had to be a part of it so as to get the most out of Year 7, and my secondary schooling in general.” – Karamvir

Junior Years 7 to 9

In Years 7-9, students study core subjects in which they are accelerated, extended, and/or enriched. These include:

  • Extension English
  • Extension Mathematics
  • Extension Integrated Studies/Humanities
  • Extension Science
  • Extension Health and Physical Education
  • Language Other Than English (LOTE)

Students will also undertake a range of Arts and Technology subjects through the years, including Drama, Coding and Food Technology.

Senior Years 10 to 12

The College’s Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) program ensures that each student receives guidance from trained staff when selecting a senior program that will challenge them academically.  The program also ensures that students are supported, throughout their pathway, to meet their goals.

Please see the relevant Senior Years’ handbooks for further information about programs and courses available.  Year 10 SEAL students complete Year 10 Extension English, which provides an excellent introduction into VCE English courses studied in Years 11 and 12.

Students can also benefit by:

  • being able to undertake additional VCE & VET studies;
  • participating in a VCE Enrichment Program in a range of subjects;
  • broadening their tertiary & career options; and
  • having the opportunity to increase their ATAR score.