The St Albans Secondary College SEAL Program supports students capable of learning at a faster pace, and in greater depth, than students of the same age. It offers high potential students a rigorous and diverse curriculum in a stimulating and challenging learning environment.   Give your child the best opportunity for higher educational achievement. If your child is a high achiever, gifted learner or talented academic, the SEAL Program will maximise their learning potential across all curriculum areas.

The SEAL Program will provide your child with an exciting learning experience, equal to his or her high potential. Learning in SEAL classrooms is demanding, open-ended, and designed to engage students’ higher order abilities.  Our expert team of teachers will closely monitor your child’s progress, while providing lessons that eliminate repetition, accelerate the pace of learning, ensure depth of learning, and engage technology to enhance your child’s learning experiences.

The Learning Manager and the SEAL Program Coordinator, who are responsible for closely monitoring the academic progress and wellbeing needs of each student, will support your child to ensure that their learning experience is a positive one.

Further information about the SEAL program and details on how to apply for 2025 can be found in the SEAL brochure listed below.  

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