Here at St Albans Secondary College we recognise the positive impact that a healthy diet has on our student’s wellbeing. We play an important role in encouraging our students to make healthy choices and provide them with an array of affordable, nutritional foods.

Our school canteen is affiliated with the Australian School Canteen Association (ASCA) to ensure we are able to adhere to the Department of Education’s traffic light system approach to the food and beverage options available in school canteens.

The healthy food choice message is also supported by our Student Wellbeing team, who work closely with our canteen staff.

The school is working together with Jude Fina Foods starting and we look forward to seeing the lots of delicious food options they have. In addition to our regular canteen menu items, we have healthy breakfast and lunch options and weekly specials are also available to our students.

Jude Fina Foods is offering an online lunch ordering option via the QKR APP and this will be available for parents or students. 

Click here to view the current canteen menu.