At St Albans every member of the school community is part of four ‘HOUSES’. Each House is named after a famous Australian who embodies the qualities that reflect our school values of Leadership, Excellence, Integrity and Respect. Our house names are: Irwin House (Red), Freeman House (Green), Buttrose House (Yellow), and Rosewall House (Blue).

Throughout the calendar year staff and students are able to earn points for their House. This can be done through participation in academic, sporting and creative events, including the Swimming and Athletic carnivals and many other events. Points can also be earnt by displaying our school values in class, school environment and in the wider community such as through subject-based competitions, class awards, Students of the Month, and Year Level challenge activities.

Year 8, 10 & 12 Sub-school House Captains and Vice Captains have been appointed to build student involvement and ownership of the program. The House system provides opportunities for students to interact in a positive way with students from their own year level and across year levels in the school and contributes to the connectedness of students to their peers and their school.