Year 9

The Year 9 program offers a combination of core and elective subjects.

The core subjects, which run for a full year, are:

  • English or English as an Additional Language (EAL) (for students who have been in Australia for 5 years or less);
  • Mathematics;
  • Science;
  • Humanities (1 term each of Civics & Citizenship, Commerce, History and Geography); and
  • Health & Physical Education.

Two Literacy Support classes are running. These will be timetabled within the elective blocks. One Literacy Support class will predominantly cater for ESL students needing literacy support, while the other will cater for the current year 8 Decoding students and other students identified as needing literacy support.

Download a copy of the Year 9 Course Selection handbook

City Experience (Metropolis) Program

A feature of Year 9 at St Albans Secondary College is the City Experience. Year 9 students complete an innovative and challenging three week research project, based around a real life issue or theme in the city of Melbourne.

These projects develop a range of skills across subjects, including Maths, Science, Humanities, English and LOTE. Students develop their research project, and plan their city time, during classes in the week prior to City Experience. In the week following City Experience, they then collate, graph and analyse data, write up their findings, draw conclusions and complete their presentation during class and homework time.

The students later share their research findings with parents, teachers and other students at a City Experience presentation night.

Each student chooses 3 semester-based electives, which include units from the Arts, Technology, ICT & LOTE, and some extension/recovery units, include:

Visual CommunicationMultimedia Art & Design
Health & PE
Physical Education – Theory & Practice
Information Technology
Information Technology
Extension Science-Forensics
Food & TechnologyElectronic Systems

Year 10

Students at Year 10 study 6 subjects for 5 periods per week each. All students must study English, or English as an Additional Language (EAL) (for students who have been in Australia for 5 years or less);

All units at Year 10 are semester-based except for English/EAL, Mathematics and LOTE (languages other than English) which are full year (2 semesters) subjects.

At Year 10, all students must study:

  • English or English as an Additional Language (EAL) (for students who have been in Australia for 5 years or less); and
  • Mathematics A or Preparation Maths.

The Year 10 program is structured to allow for student acceleration across the 3 years, providing students with the opportunity to study a unit at a level above their year level.

Students choose 4 units for semester 1 and 4 units for semester 2 from the elective subjects listed below. Their choices must include units from at least 6 learning areas.

Each Year 10 student must complete 2 weeks of work experience as part of their English/EAL course.

Download the Year 10 Subject Selection handbook

Year 10 elective subjects include:

MusicVisual Communication
Multimedia & Art DesignFashion
Food & TechnologyFood for Thought
Drive & SurviveLaw
Managing a Business
EALLiteracy Support
Health & PE
Mind Body & SoulExercise Science
Cert. III Sport & Recreation
World War IIPeople & Places
PoliticsRights & Freedom
Information Technology
Database Management SystemsIntroduction to Programming
RoboticsVET Certificate III in Information Technology
Maths B