The Music Program at St Albans Secondary College provides students with new and varied performance opportunities, within and outside of the school.

In addition to the range of activities offered in the classroom — including VCE and VCAL VET Music— the school offers private and small group tuition in four instrumental disciplines: voice, piano and keyboards, guitar and electric bass, and drums and percussion. The music staff has a wealth of teaching experience, as well as many years’ experience working in front of live audiences and in recording studios.

Weekly Instrumental music lessons, at a nominal cost to the student per term, are available, and are scheduled each week.

As well as various bands run by the music staff and students, the Music Program rehearses a school choir at a lunchtime, and once a week after school. There are plenty of performance opportunities within the school, ranging from year-level assemblies to whole-school events, such as various celebrations and the school’s annual MAC production.

You don’t have to be an aspiring performer to enjoy music at SASC though. You might like to participate purely for the enjoyment and educational benefits it provides. Learning to sing and/or play a musical instrument has a host of additional benefits and side-effects, such as improved hand-eye coordination, greater concentration, improved academic skills, particularly with maths and languages, and most of all, an involvement in an artistic pursuit.

The school’s Music Department actively seeks one or more students to learn to rig and become proficient in the use of a sound system; in particular a multi-channel sound-mixing console. All training can be done on the job, and free-of-charge!

If you’re in any way inclined to become involved in music here at SASC — whether it be learning to sing or play a musical instrument, as a participant in a music class, as a sound technician, or just to be involved in the various events — the opportunities are many!