Year 7 and 8 students belong to the Junior Sub School and are supported by the Junior Sub School Coordination team.

The Junior Sub School provides a nurturing and caring environment for students and works closely with families to monitor attendance, to report on student progress and communicate any concerns to families. Families can also contact the Junior Sub School if they have any questions or concerns regarding their child during the school day.

In Year 7, each student is placed in a homegroup and are assigned a homeroom where they will complete the majority of their work. The homegroups are denoted with a letter, e.g. 7A, 7B, 7C etc. Students will remain in their homegroups for all their core subjects. This allows them the opportunity to form strong relationships with their fellow classmates.

Each homegroup is monitored by a Learning Manager, who teaches the homegroup Integrated Studies (IS) for 10 sessions a week. The Learning Manager works closely with the Coordination team to monitor students’ social and emotional wellbeing and academic progress.

The Junior Sub School in partnership with the Wellbeing Team, implement a range of Proactive programs, including excursions and incursions, which focus on the relevant needs of our Junior Sub School students. Key topics can include: cyber-safety, resilience, study skills and mental health.