St Albans Secondary College’s Year 7 transition program aims to ensure that students feel happy, secure and confident as they make the transition from primary to secondary education. Students are supported by a team of dedicated staff including a Transition Coordinator and five Junior Sub School Coordinators.

Designed to assist your child to develop positive relationships with both their teachers and peers, the Transition program extends students’ knowledge of secondary school, builds resilience, promotes their personal confidence and generally helps students to settle in to secondary school life.

During the year, all Grade 6 students are visited by the Transition Coordinator, who will provide information about the College and address any general concerns. Parents of perspective Year 7 students also have the opportunity to visit the College and meet some of our teachers and students during the Parent Information Evening.

Term 2, students from the local primary schools are invited to attend a ‘taster day’ to experience some of the Year 7 core and elective subjects offered at St Albans Secondary College. In Term 3, students are invited to attend our annual music drama performance, and to participate in interschool activities. In Term 4, students will partake in the ‘Big Day In’, a Wellbeing Day aimed at building student confidence and self-esteem. Our Orientation Day in December provides students with a further opportunity to become familiar with the layout of the College and develop positive relationships with their new classmates and teachers.

Parents can help to make primary to secondary transition successful by assisting their child

To become familiar with varied schedule and greater independence, planning strategies for making new friends, providing support with homework and assignments, attending parent teacher interviews and encouraging their child to become involved in extra-curricular activities.

It is also important for parents to be well informed of College policies and procedures, particularly the Year 7 Program. Parents are encouraged to attend the Parent Orientation Morning to find out more about the curriculum, school structure, uniform, school charges and other important dates and information. Parents are also welcome to book a personal tour of the College by appointment with the Transition Coordinator.

The Transition Handbook is provided to families of Year 7 students who have enrolled at St Albans Secondary College in the November package. It provides notification of transition events and informs parents of school procedures, policies and the Year 7 program to promote a seamless transition.