At St Albans Secondary College, we understand that while starting secondary school can be an exciting milestone, the move from primary to secondary school can also be a daunting and challenging experience for some students.

Our Transition Program is designed to ensure that students develop positive relationships with both their teachers and peers, extend their knowledge of secondary school, build resilience, develop their personal confidence, feel connected to the College and generally settle into secondary school life.

Parents are welcome to book a personal tour of the College by appointment with the Transition Team.


Year 7 Wellbeing Activities

Week 1 – How to make new friends at a new school? CLICK HERE

Week 2 – Moving up! CLICK HERE

Week 3 – How to keep safe on Social Media CLICK HERE

Week 4 – Sleep Hygiene CICK HERE

Week 5 – Time Management CLICK HERE

Week 6 – How to be a good friend CLICK HERE

Week 7 – Respecting Gender Diversity CLICK HERE

Week 8 – Respecting Culture Diversity CLICK HERE

Week 9 – Mindfulness CLICK HERE

Week 10 – School Holidays CLICK HERE

Week 11 – Supports During the School Holidays CLICK HERE