The Pathways program guides and supports every student in making informed subject selection choices and planning a pathway for the future.

The Pathways team use structured classroom activities and individual counselling interviews to provide future planning advice and guidance to every student.

Each student has an Individual Career Action Plan (CAP), which is reviewed annually throughout their school career as they work towards course subject selection and future goals.

Over recent years, St Albans Secondary College has had a highly successful tertiary placement rate, providing high quality pathways for exiting year 12 students. 

From 2019, the Department of Education Victoria, in conjunction with the Careers Education Association of Victoria have introduced the Morrisby Career Discovery Program for all Year 9 students in Government Schools. This is a multi-staged program that concludes with a one to one interview with a Morrisby Careers Counsellor. Students use this information to complete a school Careers Assignment that links the Morrisby Program to subject selection for Year 10 to support them in reaching their goals.

In Year 10, all students complete the Work Experience Program during June. Experience in a workplace is linked to students graduating with higher employability skills and career awareness and at St Albans Secondary College this program is compulsory. Year 10 students all participate in a one to one interview with a Careers Pathways Counsellor to discuss their progress and aspirations for Year 11 and beyond.

VTAC Counselling

At Year 12 all students are invited to one to one interviews to assist them through the tertiary application and employment pathway process. This includes scholarship and Special Entry Access Scheme application. Students can be assured of quality advice, help and confidentiality throughout this process.

Career News

The College subscribes to Career News, a newsletter that contains up to date information from VTAC, tertiary providers, and industry. Our own website also produces another newsletter that compliments Careers News and these and other important information is sent to all Year 12s via their private email addresses.

Change of Preference

Once year 12 students receive their ATAR score they have a few days in which they can change their tertiary applications to better align these with their achieved score. Every year 12 student must visit the Careers/MIPs office over this period, to ensure they achieve their desired post-secondary school outcome and to collect their official VCE Certificate.26

We are in the enviable position of having a 100% success rate placing students who follow advice given at interviews conducted during this time.

Round One Tertiary Offers

Every year 12 student is contacted by a member of the MIPs Team at this time, to ensure they understand the Tertiary Offer process. It is important that they understand how to accept, defer, decline or make a change of preference, and are guided through this process to ensure a smooth transition into their post-secondary pathway.

The Careers/Pathways Office has its own website with interactive tools and resources for students, parents & staff.

The website allows you to view:

  • Labour market information
  • Courses available at TAFE and Universities
  • Careers interests tests
  • Calendar of events (including tertiary open days)
  • Careers newsletters
  • and much more.
Visit the St Albans SC Careers Portal