What to do if your child is:

Absent from the school

  • Ring the school on 9366 2555 and chose option 1 to leave a message. Clearly state the child’s name and home group.
  • On the day the child returns, they must bring a note of explanation signed by a parent/guardian. Please ensure the child’s name, home group, absence dates and absence reason is clearly written on the note and deliver it to the Year Level Coordinator.
  • If you know the child will be absent in advance, and for an extended period of time, please complete a Notification of Student Absence form at the General Office.

Late to school

  • If the child is late for Period 1, they must report to the General Office for a late pass. The late pass must be given to the classroom teacher upon arrival to class.
  • If the child is late at any other time, they must report to the Sub-School Office to receive a late pass before they go to class.
  • If the child does not have a note on the day, a note of explanation must be brought in on the next school day.

Leaving school early for any reason

  • The child should bring a signed note, stating the reason and the time they will be leaving.
  • The child will need to take the note to the Sub-School Office by recess, to be issued an early leave pass.
  • The child must show the pass to the classroom teacher at the time of leaving.
  • The parent must meet the child at the General Office area and sign the child out in the Early Leavers Book.

Out of uniform

  • The child should bring a note from the parent/guardian, stating the reason why.
  • The child must take this note to the Sub-School Office before school, to be issued a uniform pass.
  • If the child does not have a note, they must still obtain a uniform pass.

Note: Detentions are given for non-compliance with these expectations. Students will not be given passes for extended periods of time. Parents will need to contact the relevant sub-school in this circumstance.

Needing to leave the classroom during a lesson

  • The child must ask the teacher for a pass. Passes will only be given in exceptional circumstances.
  • The child must go straight to their destination and return to class promptly.
  • Students are not expected to need to go to the toilet during class time.

Feeling sick at school

  • The child must ask the teacher for a pass, and report to the Sick Bay Office.
  • The First Aid Officer will attend to the student.
  • Should the student need to go home, their parent/guardian will be contacted to come to the school and collect them.
  • All students must be signed out through the General Office.

Exiting the school

  • The parent/guardian must contact the relevant Sub-School Coordinator regarding their intention to have the child exit.
  • The Sub-School Coordinator will organise a time for the appropriate paperwork to be completed and signed.

It is important to note that the Year Level Coordinator is the first point of contact for any concerns parents or students may have.

Please access the Our Policies section for more information on policies and procedures at SASC.