We are proud of our passionate and committed teams within the College. Our students learn from expert, dedicated teachers who are committed to ongoing professional development, enabling the highest of teaching standards.

Principal Team

PrincipalMs Kerrie Dowsley
Assistant PrincipalMr Craig Jennings
Assistant PrincipalMr John Coulson
Assistant PrincipalMs Tracey D'Elton

Sub School Teams

Junior Sub School (Years 7 & 8)
Sub School Leader Ms Lauren Honeycombe
Assistant Sub School LeaderMs Marlene Cassar
Year Level CoordinatorMr Ron Brown
Year Level CoordinatorMs Eleni Lambropoulos
Year Level CoordinatorMr Pat Lac
Year Level CoordinatorMr Craig Moore
Year Level CoordinatorMr Rob Winduss
Sub School AssistantMs Zoe Lee
Middle Sub School (Years 9 & 10)
Sub School LeaderMs Becky Annetts
Assistant Sub School LeaderMr Brendan McFarland
Year Level CoordinatorMs Ash Mana Mohan
Year Level CoordinatorMr Dane Stammers
Year Level CoordinatorMs Emily Dickinson
Year Level CoordinatorMr Sean Ryan
Sub School AssistantMs Lynda Vo
Senior Sub School (Years 11 & 12)
Sub School LeaderMs Stav Bekiaris
Assistant Sub School LeaderMs Anna Woods
Year Level CoordinatorMr Robert Krysinski
Year Level CoordinatorMs Laura Gough
Year Level CoordinatorMr Matthew Olthof
Year Level CoordinatorMs Kiran Pannu
Sub School AssistantMs Isobelle Iselle

Administration Team

Business ManagerMs Liz Hedger
Finance ManagerMs Loan Pham
Finance AssistantMs Judith Blum
Office ManagerMs Stella Hunter
Human Resources / PCO Support / Marketing and Publicity OfficerMs Amila Kalco
First Aid / Administration OfficerMs Carmel Castorina
Administration Officer / First AidMs Maree Wilke
Student Administration / First AidMs Miranda Peceli
Student Administration / First AidMs Tara Fuhrmeister
VASS Administrator / Accelerus OfficerMs Deb Darvell

Wellbeing Team

Student Wellbeing Coordinator Ms Hayley Haugh
Social WorkerMs Lalith Buddhadasa
Social WorkerMs Natasha Sougias
Health Promotion Nurse Ms Nicky Collins-Smith
Student Wellbeing Programs Officer
Ms Jessica Brogan
Family Engagement Officer
Mr Sam Brown


Careers & Managed Individual Pathways Team

Careers / VET / Pathways CoordinatorMs Cathy Armstrong
Careers Practitioner / Literacy Assistant / NAPLANMs Jacqui Hunter
Pathways ConsultantMs Colleen Lynch
Careers AssistantMs Michelle Hudson

Leading & Positions of Responsibilities

Alumni Association CoordinatorMs Nicole Gurd
Alumni Association AssistantMs Amila Kalco
Advance Program CoordinatorMs Jennifer Papagianopoulos
Assistant Staff Development CoordinatorMs Peta Burgess
Camp Program CoordinatorMs Aileen Korzeniewski
Community and Business Partnership Coordinator (includes Interact Club)Mr Adrian McCall
College Timetabler Mr Joe De-Gabriele
Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator Ms Avril Good
Debating Program CoordinatorTBC
Health and Safety Elected Staff RepresentativeMs Amila Kalco
Health and Safety Elected Staff RepresentativeMr Geoff Hutchinson
High Ability Practice LeaderMr Martin Conboy
House LeaderMs Jennifer Papagianopoulos
House LeaderMs Amra Pajalic
House LeaderMs Emily Simoes
House System CoordinatorMs Julie Panayiotou
ICT ManagerMr Geoff Hutchison
Individual Needs Coordinator / Senior Speech PathologistMs Tiyana Jones
School Speech PathologistMs Grace Wendiggensen
International Students CoordinatorMs Thuy Anh Thai Nguyen
International Students AssistantMs Leanne Fitzgerald
LAC ArtMr Nick D'Aglas
LAC CommerceMr Stewart Fraser
LAC Design TechnologyMs Andrea Coleridge
LAC Digital TechnologyMr Simon Kardash
LAC EnglishMs Chloe Davies
LAC EnglishMs Sophie Williams
LAC Health & PE Mr Brendan McFarland
LAC Humanities Ms Jill Donaldson
LAC LOTEMs Emi Narasaki
LAC MathematicsMr Owen McIntyre
LAC MathematicsMs Sophie Bark
LAC ScienceMs Angela Hanley
Learning Manager Program CoordinatorMs Ebony Kemeridis
Learning Specialist – DataMs Shona Cowell
Learning Specialist – Differentiation English/HumanitiesMs Kathleen Main
Learning Specialist – Digital TechnologyMs Piera Biondi
Learning Specialist – Digital TechnologyMs Amy Lee
Learning Specialist – LiteracyMs Lizzy Fitzgerald
Learning Specialist – NumeracyMr Owen McIntyre
Library Resource Center CoordinatorMs Vicki Bunce
Lunchtime Activities CoordinatorMr Steven Vo
MAC DirectorMs Janet McKenzie
MAC ProducerMr Nick D' Aglas
Music Program CoordinatorMr James Orchard
Scholarships CoordinatorMs Peta Burgess
School Coordinator Ms Kristy Le
School for Student Leadership CoordinatorMr Ben Beagley
School Yearbook CoordinatorMr Seijiro Nishioka
Select Entry Accelerated learning (SEAL) CoordinatorMs Amy Lee
Sister School CoordinatorMs Caroline Tran
Sport CoordinatorMr Rob Lakovski
Staff Association PresidentMs Andria Panteli
Staff Development Coordinator Ms Janet McKenzie
Student Leadership Program CoordinatorMr Sam Brown
Sustainability CoordinatorTBC
Teaching and Learning Coordinator Ms Louis Turner
Transition Assistant CoordinatorMs Tara Fuhrmeister
Transition CoordinatorMs Marlene Cassar
Transport Liaison Coordinator Mr Mark Micallef
VCAL Program CoordinatorMs Laura Gough
VCE Learning CoordinatorMr Rob Krysinski

To contact any of our school teams please phone the college on 9366 2555 or inquire online.