St Albans Secondary College is committed to successful educational outcomes for all students. Your child will enjoy a positive and supportive learning environment, which will make learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Students with Learning Difficulties

Incoming students may be tested to determine basic literacy and numeracy competence. The information collected is used both to inform classroom teachers of any special needs they may need to address in their classroom, and to identify students with particular learning difficulties who might benefit from intervention and special assistance. Students with Literacy needs have access to Literacy Support classes to assist with the development of their reading and writing skills.

Students with Disabilities and Impairments

The State Government has set up the Program for Students with Disabilities to assist students with a disability to attend a mainstream school.  The Program for Students with Disabilities is a targeted supplementary funding program for Victorian government schools. It provides resources to schools for a defined student population of students with disabilities, with moderate to severe needs.

Under the program, resources are provided directly to Victorian government schools to support the provision of school-based educational programs for eligible students with disabilities. These students must meet the eligibility criteria for one of seven program categories. The eligibility criteria were developed from guidelines set by the World Health Organisation.

Student Support Groups

A Student Support Group is mandatory for students in the Program for Students with Disabilities. This is a cooperative partnership between the parent/guardian/carer(s), school representatives and professionals, to ensure coordinated support for the student’s educational needs. It is the responsibility of the Student Support Group to:

  • identify the student’s needs;
  • determine any adjustments to be made to the curriculum;
  • plan an appropriate educational program;
  • develop an Individual Learning Plan;
  • develop a Behaviour Management Plan
  • develop a Student Support Plan
  • discuss the relevant plan/s with teachers and provide support to implement the learning plan;
  • provide advice to the Principal concerning the additional educational needs of the student and the types of resources required to meet these needs; and
  • review and evaluate the student’s program once per term, and at other times if requested by any member of the group.

Supporting Students with Disabilities and Impairments

Trained Education Support staff assist students with classwork or movement around the school. The Individual Learning Plan also provides clear goals and appropriate learning activities and assessment tasks, to engage students in the classroom curriculum. If necessary, students may be supplied with mechanical aides that enable them to attend school with their peers. Specialist services, such as speech pathology, are provided where necessary as part of this program.

SASC ensures that all individuals are valued and accommodated within the school environment and promotes student self-determination, positive growth and recognition.