During the year, primary school students are visited by the Transition Team, who provide information about the College, Year 7 programs and enrolment, as well as address any questions and general concerns from students and the community.

Early in Term 2, Grade 6 students from the local primary schools are invited to attend a ‘Taster Day’ at the College. Students follow a timetable and are given the opportunity to participate in the Year 7 core and elective subjects offered at the College.

In Term 3, students are invited to attend our annual music drama production, MAC. Interschool activities, which have been pre-arranged with the local primary schools also run during this term.

In Term 4, all our new Year 7 students partake in the ‘Big Day In’. Students participate in a range of fun and challenging cooperative activities that are designed to enhance teamwork, relationship building and communication.

Students who require additional support with their transition, are invited to attend our Pre-Orientation Day, which aims to reduce feelings of anxiety and provides students with an additional opportunity to learn about our school structure and Year 7 program leading up to Orientation Day.

The highly anticipated Orientation Day in December provides students with a further opportunity to become familiar with the organisation of the College, share a meal and meet their new classmates and teachers.