St Albans Secondary College works closely with a variety of media and advertising agencies to showcase the College’s high standards in an appropriate fashion.  Frequently, student’s photo’s or images of their work are required for inclusion in newspaper, on websites or in various forms of print or electronic media.  The inclusion of a student’s photo or reproduction of their work requires parental/guardian authorisation. I authorise St Albans Secondary College, and any person authorised by them, to reproduce, publish, broadcast and/or display:

  • Photographs of my child/dependant
  • My child’s/dependant’s name in print
  • Video and/or audio recordings of my child/dependant deemed appropriate by St Albans Secondary College
  • Photography and/or reproduction of my child’s/dependant’s, creative projects produced while in class with St Albans Secondary College.

I acknowledge/agree:

  • I acknowledge that my child/dependant and I are not entitled to remuneration or compensation in respect of our involvement of any project that was produced in whole or in part by us.
  • I acknowledge that my child/dependant and I have no claims to copyright in any aspect or portion of the project and that any project shall be retained by St Albans Secondary College.
  • I agree that the material may be used in all formats and media, as representations, reproductions or adaptations either complete or in part, alone or in conjunction with any wording or drawing.