Welcome back from the team in the Junior Sub School.  It has been a very busy start to the term, and it is pleasing to see the students ready for the challenges ahead.

We held year level assemblies on 29 April.  For the first time we had students running the whole assembly.  Erica Shaw spoke eloquently during the Year 8 assembly whilst Yuka Hong and Nathan Tran were the joint Masters of Ceremony for the Year 7 assembly.  Stepping up in front of over 250 of your peers is a difficult task and these students performed admirably.  This experience will build confidence and self esteem.  It is a great example of student voice and agency in our school.  We will look to have other students speak at all our assemblies in the future. 

Year level coordinators have been especially vigilant on school uniforms of late.  As a whole our students look fantastic in full school uniform.  This has been particularly noticeable on recent excursions when our students have been representing the school.  Where there is a problem with an item of uniform, as does happen from time to time, please send a note along to your child’s coordinator to explain the issue and we will endeavour to assist.

Our Year 8 students will be participating in a proactive program day on Tuesday 7 May.  This day will involve external facilitators that come into the school to run whole day workshops with the students.  The focus of the day is Respectful Relations and builds on the work of our Wellbeing team and the Connect, Protect, Respect framework.  Note that full school uniform is required and the bell times are as per normal.

The Grade 6 Taster Days were run during week 3.  The young students were very, very excited to see the big school that awaits them.  They were on their best behaviour and enjoyed an introduction to some of the subjects and teachers that they will have in 2025.  They were also provided with a welcome BBQ at lunchtime.  Some of our junior school student leaders did a fantastic job in assisting with the BBQ.  2025 promises to be an exciting year.


Mr Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Leader