House Staff Vs Student Volleyball Competition

At the end of term 1, the COLA was full of excitement for the House Staff vs Student Volleyball Match. The game was close from the start, with the first set ending in a tie. Both teams battled hard with each of them claiming two sets, but in the end it was the students who came out with the win, with a final score of 45-42.

A big thank you to all the students who played and cheered on their peers and staff members, our staff team for their effort and to the PE staff for keeping everything running smoothly.

We look forward to many more House events this year.


Ms Jennifer Papagianopoulos – Maths Teacher | House Leader

UNITED IN ACTION: The ‘HOUSE – We are Better Together’ Obstacle Course Challenge

What a fantastic two days it has been at our “HOUSE – We are Better Together” obstacle course! We saw approximately 65 of our students come together to form 19 competitive teams, all geared up to conquer the challenging course.

On Monday 29 April, and Tuesday 30 April, the COLA was transformed into a 6 part obstacle course. Teams dashed through a series of timed trials, navigating various obstacles that put their agility and teamwork to the test.

The energy was palpable as teams raced against the clock, aiming to secure the coveted title of the fastest team in each sub school. And the competition was fierce! Many teams couldn’t resist the thrill and ran the course multiple times, each attempt fueled by the desire to outdo their previous best.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated, bringing their enthusiasm and sportsmanship to the event. Your passion and dedication truly made the “HOUSE – We are Better Together” obstacle course a resounding success.

Our team winners are:

  • Senior – Duyen LE – 12C, Florence SUA – 11F, Agalua AUMUA – 12A, Kim NGUYEN – 12D
  • Middle – Yusuf EGEH – 10D, Jonathan TEAUPA – 10F, Cyrus (Pj) PELENATINO-CHEUNG PUN – 10D, Abraham  KUR – 10B
  • Junior – James HUYNH – 07J, Thien TRAN – 07J, Laurence PHAM – 07J, Andy DANG – 07J

And to  all our participants, you’ve earned your House 5 points each for your spirited participation. Congratulations on a job well done!

Here’s to many more memorable events that bring us closer as a House and remind us that indeed, we are better together.



Ms Julie Panayiotou – Design Technology Learning Area Leader | House Program Coordinator

House Round Robin Chess Tournament

The House Program ran the Chess Championship during Term 1 and Termm2.  The event saw approximately 27 students from Years 7 to 12 competing against one another during the Tournament to win points for their House.

The competitive energy crackled in the air as students tested their tactics and wits on the chessboard. It was a week filled with camaraderie, laughter, and intense matches, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The finals were postponed to the start of Term 2 due to various events at the College, yet there was definitely a noticeable sense of competitiveness in the air. We are pleased to announce that Rosewall was the overall winner with two place getters this year. The following winners for the 2024 Chess Tournament are:

  • 1st Place – Nhan Nguyen 11D (Rosewall -100 points)
  • 2nd Place – Duc Tran Phan 12E (Rosewall – 50 points)
  • 3rd Place – Justin Phan 11E (Freeman – 25 points)



The SASC House Program Leaders extends heartfelt congratulations to all the participating students for showcasing the College’s exceptional talent in chess. Well done to everyone involved!

Finishing results included House points allocated to the first 3 place getters plus 5 points to everyone who participated. 

A few Chess enthusiasts are hoping to run a Chess Club so anyone interested watch out for upcoming details on Compass.


50 170 30 40



Ms Alex Chan, Ms Julie Panayiotou and Ms Taylor Decker – House Leaders