Congratulations to the new Western Chances scholarship awardees and to Ms. Marion Mortimer for receiving the Helen Worladge award.


This year, twenty-five students from St. Albans Secondary College were awarded their first Western Chances scholarships, marking a significant recognition of their talents, hard work, and resilience throughout their schooling. On Wednesday, 13 March, ten of the newly awarded scholarship recipients, along with Ms. Marion Mortimer, Ms. Tracey D’Elton, Ms. Colleen Lynch, and Mr. Myers Nguyen, attended the 2024 Western Chances Scholarship Awards Ceremony at the Edge in Federation Square.

The evening held special significance as Ms. Marion Mortimer was honoured for her exceptional commitment to nominating students for Western Chances scholarships since the organization’s inception. Hundreds of past and present students have benefited from her unwavering and tireless efforts to ensure deserving candidates are given the multitude of opportunities provided by Western Chances. Beyond financial support, Western Chances offers specialized educational programs, networking, and internships, which have been invaluable to our current and former students.

Thank you to Western Chances, Ms. Marion Mortimer, and our teacher nominators for providing our students with these life-changing opportunities.


Mr Myers Nguyen – Science Teacher