Intermediate & Senior Boys and Girls Badminton Teams

Congratulations to our Senior and Intermediate Boys and Girls Badminton Teams who will be representing our school to compete with the other schools at the Keilor Division Badminton tournament on Monday 22 April, 2024.

A number of our students were interested in participating in our school tryouts for the school badminton teams. Over the last few weeks, many of our boys and girls in Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 spent their lunch time joining the tryouts. Our students’ badminton skills have improved significantly over the years.

The Senior Boys tryouts were on Friday 16 February and Monday 19 February and the Senior Girls tryouts were on Tuesday 20 February. The Intermediate (Year 9 and 10) boys tryouts were on Friday 23 February and Monday 26 February and the girls tryouts were on Friday 01 March and Tuesday 05 March.

Our students were put in different brackets and compete up to 11 points. The best 6 students were selected to our school teams. Over the next few weeks, they will participate in a number of training and practice sessions at school during and after school hours.

Congratulations to our school badminton teams!

  1. Peter Ly 11C
  2. Minh Loc Vo 11F
  3. Jacky Phung 12E
  4. Thang Nguyen Tran 11F
  5. Thanh Bui 11A
  6. Minh Le 11V
  1. Phuong Nguyen 11D
  2. Rahima Muradi 11C
  3. Haily Le 11C
  4. Caelan Nguyen 12D
  5. Minh Pham 11E
  6. Stella Nhi Nguyen 11D
9/10 BOYS
  1. Lachlan Tran 10F
  2. Huy Vo 10B
  3. Andrew Nguyen 10A
  4. Dat Le 9I
  5. Kevin Hang 9A
  6. Loc Nguyen 10C
  7. Ben Tran 9B
9/10 GIRLS
  1. Lyna Nguyen 9A
  2. Anna Hoang 9K
  3. Jessica Ngo 9A
  4. Jennie Hoang 9K
  5. Minh Vy Nguyen 9D
  6. Kathy Ngoc Ho 10E


Mr Pat Lac  –  EAL & WELS Transition Coordinator | Lunchtime Activities Coordinator

Celebrating a Splashing Success: Recap of the Year 7 & 8 Swimming Carnival!

The Oak Park Leisure Centre was abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm on the 5th of March as we hosted our highly anticipated Year 7 and 8 Swimming Carnival. It was a day filled with sunshine, laughter, and remarkable displays of sportsmanship. We couldn’t have asked for a better setting or turnout for this fantastic event!

A huge congratulations goes out to Rosewall House for emerging as the winners of the day! Their dedication, teamwork, and spirit were truly commendable, and they deserve every accolade for their outstanding performance.

With temperatures soaring above 30 degrees, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a day spent by the pool. Students arrived brimming with energy and anticipation, ready to showcase their swimming prowess and support their fellow classmates.

The atmosphere was electric as cheers and chants echoed across the pool deck, creating an ambiance of camaraderie and encouragement. From thrilling main events to entertaining House novelty competitions, there was never a dull moment throughout the day.

The carnival featured a myriad of activities both in and out of the water, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to participate and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Whether it was engaging in lively volleyball matches, competing in exhilarating relay races, or taking a thrilling ride down the waterslide, there was something for everyone to revel in.

We are immensely proud of our students for their exemplary behavior and sportsmanship throughout the carnival. Their positive attitudes and respectful conduct truly embodied the spirit of St Albans Secondary College, making this one of the most successful swimming days we’ve ever had.

A special thank you goes out to all the staff who helped organize and support this event. Without your dedication and commitment, none of this would have been possible.


Mr David Dang & Ms Julie Panayiotou – Swimming Carnival and House Co-ordinators