As Term 1 draws to a close we have seen some growth in our middle school students. They have embraced our theme of organisation and are starting to take accountability of their own learning. Students have regularly started using their diaries, checking compass and ensuring they are in classes on time. We are thrilled to see this as our students will now start to apply for part time work and this level of organisation is critical for their success.

Many of our middle school students have indicated they have an interest in leadership and the number of applications we received for the Student Representative Council has been larger than in recent years. A big congratulations to all of those who were selected for these positions. I would also like to extend those congratulations to the students who nominated, but were unsuccessful. To put your name forward for a position of leadership is a big step in a student’s development.

The Year 9’s have completed their Morrisby Careers Guidance Counselling assessments and will commence the individual interviews early next term. The cohort have also just completed their NAPLAN testing and we eagerly await their results. A students NAPLAN result is usually a great indicator for their academic success moving forward and helps us better understand their learning needs. Combined with the Morrisby Careers program we will hopefully get an insight in poten

tial careers for our students and help us prepare them as best we can.

The Pat Cronin Foundation also visited our school to present some information on the prevention of violence to our Year 9’s. Resolving conflict through words and the support from adults is the process we want to encourage. The presentation centred around the dangers of the ‘cowards punch’ and the long standing impact these poor choices can have on the aggressor and the victim. The students participated really well and hopefully we see positive decision making moving forward.

As always, we thank you for your support and wish all of our families a safe and enjoyable upcoming school holiday and Easter period.



Mr Owen McIntyre – Middle Sub School Leader