Year 9 Students Make Waves on Clean Up Australia Day

On 4 March, Year 9 ADVANCE students rolled up their sleeves for Clean Up Australia Day, leaving an impact both within the school and at Errington Reserve. Armed with trash bags, we competed for house points, transforming routine cleanup into an energetic mission.

Errington Reserve’s barbecue area witnessed a remarkable change, earning cheers from locals and emphasizing the power of community involvement.

Amidst the work, camaraderie and shared purpose flourished, strengthening class bonds. After an hour of dedicated cleaning, our brimming bags marked a significant contribution to a cleaner environment.

To cap off the day, a well-deserved lunch at McDonald’s provided a moment to reflect on our positive change. Year 9 students proudly embraced Clean Up Australia Day, fostering unity, accomplishment, and a sense of community responsibility.


Mr Jacob Marinelli – Advance Program Coordinator