Future Thinkers Program

Ms Zhu and I had the pleasure of taking 19 students into the city on 8 March to participate in the ABCN ‘Future Thinkers’ program; a selective, day-long excursion where Year 9 & 10 students underwent workshops and sessions intended to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills in real life scenarios. The students represented the College wonderfully and dived headfirst into the various tasks and challenges being put to them by the facilitators. They worked well with adult mentors from IP Australia to put together creative solutions to a range of interesting problems and flexed their collaboration and public speaking skills as they presented their solutions back to the whole group. Overall it was a wonderful experience that the students greatly enjoyed and valued.

Here is some feedback from two of the students who participated in the program.

“This experience is definitely an experience for all students who are looking for a real challenge against their confidence and communication skills. Being a student in this program, it was wonderful to not only take a break from school, but also to test my teamwork skills. In the future thinkers program, I learnt the fundamental basics of how to work efficiently in a team environment with the help of the mentors and of course, my team. For those looking to improve their co-operation, I recommend you to join the Future Thinkers Program hands down.” – Bao Nguyen 9H

“My experience in participating in the Future Thinkers program was an amazing journey where I improved my professional skills and enjoyed exploring the city. Navigating the trains and walking around the cityscape provided me with fresh perspectives and insights. Collaborating with mentors at IP Australia was a highlight, offering priceless guidance on creative problem-solving. The program’s collaborative environment allowed me to make meaningful connections and work with other students on a presentation using two random words. This experience not only enhanced my understanding of design-thinking processes but also boosted my confidence in solving problems and working with new people. Overall the future thinkers program was not only fun and enjoyable but also educational.” – Amy Vo 9M

Well done to Bao, Amy and all of the students who engaged in this fantastic program, and a huge thank you to the ABCN program (and IP Australia) for providing such a great opportunity and experience for our students.



Mr Dane Stammers – Business and Community Partnerships Coordinator