Valentine’s Day – Lunchtime Activities

For many, Valentine’s Day traditionally involves indulging in chocolates, roses, and affectionate gestures. However, the Well-being team recognised this day as an opportunity to channel some of that love towards our planet. They encouraged students to join them in the school’s veggie garden, where they could trade red hearts for eco-friendly actions and opt for sustainable treats instead. Over 30 students participated during lunchtime, contributing handprints to our “Growing Together, Better Together” mural. Their involvement displayed diverse ways to express love and appreciation, including for our planet, offering an inspiring and alternative approach to celebrating the day.


The mural represents just the initial phase of the garden’s revitalization; our aim is to cultivate a tranquil and productive environment where both staff and students can unwind and connect with nature for years to come. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting project!


Nicole Gurd – Alumni Coordinator (On Behalf of the Wellbeing Team)