Even before the school year began, St Albans students were preparing for their studies at the SEAMs camp at either the University of Melbourne or Monash University.

The three days we spent at University College was amazing! We got to meet new people and made friends with people all across Victoria. On top of that, the chemistry and methods classes taught us something new and was good revision before school starts again. – Ricardo Vom Year 11

The SEAMS camp is a great experience for students as it allows us to learn subjects such as Mathematical Methods, Physics and Chemistry, ahead of time to prepare us for the following year. It is good to connect with others who have similar goals from across Victoria and even Tasmania and is an excellent way to build connections and friendships with new people. It can help students explore the universities and their campuses ahead of time so that they get to know the universities better. The experience overall this year for me was not as good as last year but still amazing with the lessons and the preparation for year 12 and really helped me get ahead in both subjects. The SEAMS staff was very welcoming and understanding of everyone’s situations and were helpful with guiding us through the 3 days. Overall great experience and recommended for any students selected. – Goran Kebakovski Year 12

Year 8s have started the year exploring matter and the differences between atoms, molecules and compounds. Here are some students with their molecular models.



Angela Hanley – Science Coordinator