Year 12 Camp

The Year 12 camp greeted us with rainy weather as the alumni program kicked off its first two sessions for the year. On Monday afternoon, former SASC graduate Jamal Baba ‘21 and friend of SASC, Donald La, conducted a study skills workshop for our VCE students. They emphasised the importance of effective study techniques and introduced students to various methods such as creating Mind Maps and utilising the Method of Loci. To illustrate the latter, an interactive game was played, which turned out to be both enjoyable and memorable for the students. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jamal and Donald for their dedication and for leaving such a positive and lasting impression on our students.

Simultaneously, the VCE-VM Goal Setting and Vision Boarding session was underway. Regrettably, our alumni member couldn’t attend, so I stepped in to lead the session with the invaluable support of the VCE-VM team. Using their Work Skills Booklets, students set SMART goals and then created collages depicting their visions for 2024 using printed materials. Some boards reflected specific future aspirations such as travel, acquiring cars, and starting families. The cohort relished an afternoon of crafting and conversation, providing a delightful conclusion to a busy day and helping cement their goals in a relaxed atmosphere.


Alumni Program Update

In the latest alumni update, we’ve received our 2023 statistics from Ourschool, our partnering organisation for the alumni program. As illustrated in the infographic below, alumni engagement has notably grown since 2022, with numerous former students actively reaching out to reconnect with the school, eager to share their life journeys and contribute to the broader school community.

The graphic also highlights a decrease in the number of sessions held last year; however, there was a significant increase in student participation. These figures underscore quality over quantity and highlight positive student outcomes. We continually strive to enhance these metrics, and we’re optimistic that the 2024 statistics will showcase a year of reconnection, inspiration, and community involvement at an unprecedented level.




To join our alumni community please send us an email at and let us know:

  • What year you graduated (or would have, if you didn’t finish Year 12)
  • What did you do after school (study, travel, working, etc)
  • What do you do now?

You can also stay in touch with us through our college’s official Alumni Facebook page and Alumni LinkedIn


Ms Nicole Gurd – Alumni Coordinator