As we approach the end of the school year, students in Year 10 and accelerated Year 9 students have been involved in the VCE orientation program to prepare them for their studies next year. In the final assemblies of the year, students’ achievements and successes were recognised and celebrated, and there were a number of exceptional music and dance performances.

 Year 9

The final Year 9 assembly of the year took place on Wednesday the 13 December. It was great to see so many students recognised for their positive contributions to the school, their academic achievements and efforts, and their attendance and punctuality.

In the afternoon, the annual Dance Celebration took place. It was great to see so many students displaying their talents in a number of different dance styles and genres, as well as engaging in games and competitions. A huge thank you to Ms Tania Segura for her work in leading the organisation of the afternoon.

 Year 10

Our Year 10 students have undertaken orientation to VCE and VCE VM following the end of semester exams. This has been an opportunity for students to experience Year 11 prior to formally beginning in 2024.

The VCE VM orientation program ran in school from Thursday 30 November to Friday 1 December with students being introduced to the Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development and Work Related Learning subject areas. The attendance throughout this was very good and it has set a great standard for Year 11 next year.

From Thursday 30 November, Year 10 students who will study VCE in 2024 took part in a week’s worth of VCE orientation classes. Students were provided with an outline of the curriculum and VCAA assessments as well as introductory learning activities and tasks for independent study over the summer holidays.

The final Year 10 assembly was a celebration of the cohort’s achievements with numerous awards handed out and a lot for the students to be proud of. The assembly featured music and dance performances as well as some thank you speeches. Students received awards for their academic achievements and efforts, as well as for their leadership roles, Drama Club and investment portfolios in personal financial management.

The Sub School team thanked Ms Ashwini Mana Mohan and Ms Emily Dickinson for their time in the Middle Sub School and for all of their work with our students as they are transitioning into new roles within the school for 2024.

Minhthu Huynh received the Student of the Year award in recognition of her academic excellence and general approach to benefitting the school community.

To the Year 10 students of 2024, we wish you the very best on your journey through secondary school and look forward to seeing all you will achieve in the future.

On behalf of the Middle School team: Ms Emily Dickinson, Ms Ashwini Mana Mohan, Ms Stav Bekiaris, Mr Robert Winduss, Mr Sean Ryan, Mr Alexandrescu and Ms Antoinette Napoli, I would like to wish all students and their families a happy, safe and relaxing summer holiday.  For those students leaving St Albans Secondary College at the end of the year, we wish you all the very best for the future.


Mr Owen McIntyre – Middle Sub School Leader