Year 9 ADVANCE Zoo Excursion

A Day of Adventure and Education: Exploring Melbourne Zoo with Advanced Program Students

In a delightful expedition, 18 eager Year 9 students from the advanced program embarked on a thrilling journey to the Melbourne Zoo, immersing themselves in the wonders of wildlife while gaining valuable insights from the zoo’s endangered species program.

The day commenced with the group gathering at the train station, anticipation and excitement palpable in the air. As the train whisked them away to the Melbourne Zoo, the students eagerly discussed the animals they were about to encounter, having previously studied them as part of the endangered species program.

Upon arrival, the students were greeted by a plethora of fascinating creatures, from majestic giraffes to intelligent elephants, colorful birds, mischievous baboons, playful monkeys, and even a wise and ancient turtle. The Melbourne Zoo provided an up-close and personal experience, allowing the students to witness the beauty and diversity of these endangered species.

One of the highlights of the day was observing the interactions among the animals, as well as learning about the conservation efforts being undertaken by the zoo. The students, armed with knowledge from their studies, engaged in thoughtful discussions with zookeepers, deepening their understanding of the importance of wildlife conservation.

After a captivating visit to the zoo, the group ventured to Lygon Street for a well-deserved lunch. The lively atmosphere of this iconic Melbourne street provided the perfect backdrop for students to relax, share their favourite moments, and reflect on the educational value of the excursion.

Mr. Dang and Mr. Marinelli, the dedicated teachers accompanying the students, expressed their satisfaction with the day’s activities. Both educators noted that the excursion was not only enjoyable but also highly informative, aligning seamlessly with the advanced program’s emphasis on experiential learning. They were pleased to witness the students actively participating, asking insightful questions, and demonstrating a genuine passion for wildlife conservation.


Mr Jacob Marinelli – Advance Program Coordinator