The second half of term 4 has seen all middle school students busily preparing for End of Semester Tests and exams. The Year 9 cohort completed these assessments throughout week 7, with the Year 10 exams beginning in week 8. These assessments provide the opportunity for all students to show their learning and growth throughout the semester. Semester reports will then be available through Compass on December 13 to all families.

Year 10 students will participate in an orientation program, with those undertaking a Vocational Major pathway in 2024 attending their VET orientation. Students are encouraged to participate in all orientation activities and attend all days to be best prepared for the start of Year 11.

Students in the Middle School have had opportunities to expand their learning through various activities. Year 9 Drama students travelled to the Bowery Theatre in St Albans on October 30 where they watched a play and participated in practical activities.


Year 9 Art classes visited the National Gallery of Victoria to experience first-hand what it would have been like to be an artist submitting their artwork to the Salon in Paris. The activities supported their classroom work and learning in the Impressionism unit.


We have continued our ‘Giving Back’ theme, where students have been encouraged to give back to the school community through small acts of kindness. As the term draws closer to the end, we want to remind our students of this and encourage everyone to finish the year strong by attending classes and exams, being punctual to class and participating in all learning activities.


Mr Andrei Alexandrescu – Middle Sub School Assistant Leader