Connect 4 House Blitz Competition: A Battle of Strategy and Fun!

Thanks to all for those who participated in the SASC Connect 4 House Blitz competition. There was a nice sense of fun with a touch of competitive friendly rivalry. The competition ran over three days, with the grand finale at the end. It was great to walk around and see the students so focussed and working swiftly on their 40 seconds per move. I saw strategic blockades to exhilarating four-in-a-row victories over many rounds with about 30 students representing their House. Each student played about four games per lunch hour. Even those who came to watch their friends ended up having a few games which was good to see.

Sebastian Ong, a Year 7 student amazed everyone with his calculated moves winning the finals, best of three games, securing the win for Freeman with his clever gameplay.

I eagerly anticipate next year’s competition, where there will be the use of old and new strategies and the Connect 4 champion title will once again be up for grabs! We hope not to hold it so late in the year with Year 11-12s busy studying for exams at this time. A heartfelt thank you to all House participants. Stay tuned for more thrilling events and activities that celebrate SASC ‘s House spirit and camaraderie.


Ms Alex Chan & Ms Julie Panayiotou