As a research centre, the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre, at the University of Melbourne, is committed to giving back to the community by providing science engagement and knowledge-sharing opportunities, especially to young people. This year former SASC student and Neuropsychiatry PhD student, Lucy Zhang ’16, invited our Year 9 SEAL science class to participate in a “live review” event for scientific journal papers in collaboration with the Frontiers for Young Minds journal.

In the lead up to the event, students reviewed scientific papers on the topic of neuroscience, specifically empathy and meditation, that have been submitted to the Frontiers for Young Minds journal. With the assistance of science mentors from the University of Melbourne, they provided constructive feedback on the papers, specifically around their readability for young audiences. The students were also asked to decide on whether the paper should be accepted, accepted with revisions, or rejected for publication in the journal.

On Monday November 20, following a tour of the University, the class presented their feedback and decisions to the authors at the live review event held in one of the University’s lecture theatres. The students decided that both articles should be accepted with revisions, much to the relief of the authors. This was an amazing opportunity for students not only to be exposed to current developments in neuroscience but also to develop critical thinking skills. This was evident in the many thoughtful questions asked in the Q&A following the review. A huge thank you to Ms. Dickinson for her leadership in this collaboration, and to Ms. Mana Mohan for providing support and supervision at the event.



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