Year 8 Science Excursion “Science Gallery Melbourne”

During Term4, between Weeks 1 and 3, all Yr 8 Science students will get to participate in an all-day excursion to “Science Gallery Melbourne” 114 Grattan St, Carlton. 

8A and 8D, supervised by Mr. Micallef, Ms. Hodgson, and Ms. Borle, attended on Friday 6 October 2023.

Upon arrival, staff accompanied students to the “STEM Centre for Excellence”; where University student leaders introduced themselves and ran an Indigenous Science Workshop. Students learned about how Indigenous people use Science in everyday life. Sustainability of past practices were compared with current ones. This session also included how Indigenous Australians used the star constellations, constellation orientation and animal behavior to facilitate safe and sustainable food gathering, and for navigation.

Students were then taken on a guided tour of the current “Dark Matters” Physics based exhibition, where they got to explore the fundamental essence of life and the Universe, and how much of it remains unknown to us.

Our students are to be congratulated on the way they worked together and represented SASC values in such a positive manner.

Thankyou to Ms. Angela Hanley, Science Learning Area Leader, for organising the day.



Ms Lynne Borle – Tutor


Yr 9 & 10 Women in STEM Science Gallery

On the 6 September, seven girls from years 9-10 travelled to the Science gallery and University of Melbourne to experience career opportunities in STEM and be inspired by some leading female researchers in various fields. 

I recommend this program to others as the speed dating sessions inform you about different career options in STEM areas while even giving you examples of what real people experienced and how they chose which path was right for them.  The Future Foods workshop is a great opportunity to learn about sustainable and natural food options and the dark matters exhibit is an interesting insight into dark matters and physics. – Taneesha Jeyanthan

During the day we did a myriad of different workshops. We did a workshop called Future Foods, about sustainable and natural food options. We also got to look around science gallery’s latest exhibition called Dark Matters. Finally, we got to participate in a speed dating session, where we got to meet 6 different women in STEM and ask about their experiences and passions. – Han Luong


Ms Clara Campbell – Science Teacher

Yr 10 & 11 Biomedical Science Day

On Thursday 5 October, fifteen selected students from years 10 and 11, along with Mr Nguyen & Ms Miskovic, attended the Biomedical Sciences Day at the University of Melbourne & GTAC. 

At the beginning of the program, students were welcomed by Professor Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka, Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Following this, they learnt about the special entry schemes available to them when applying to study at the University of Melbourne. Then, they heard from 3rd year Bachelor of Biomedicine students about their university experiences in a Q&A panel.

After a short break, they worked in groups at GTAC to view and photograph research samples using light, fluorescence and scanning electron microscopes.

The final session was on campus where students visited the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology and the Digital Learning Hub, a new immersive technology-learning studio with a range of VR interfaces within the Melbourne Medical Building.

Below are various students’ accounts of the day:

If we were to describe the Biomedical Sciences Day in three words, we would call it inspiring, fascinating, and eye-opening. The day began with a very inspiring and motivational speech delivered by Professor Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka on her educational and personal journey to becoming the current Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences. Afterwards, we were lucky enough to meet with a number of highly intelligent and passionate PhD students, who were very kind in sharing their fascinating research and experiences with us. To finish off our day, we were honoured and beyond grateful to have the opportunity to visit the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy & Pathology, and experienced our cardiovascular system through VR. While the anatomy and pathology museum was a confronting experience, it was also very insightful, and we acknowledge that entering is an opportune event. We will always be thankful for those who have donated to our education. – Minhthu Huynh (10E) & Haily Le (10E)

The entire day was really informative and interesting, full of unique opportunities we would not have otherwise experienced. We got to use equipment that we wouldn’t be able to use at school like electron and fluorescence microscopes. We also got to go to the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, Australia’s largest collection of real human displays. – Andrew Nguyen (10E).

Opportunities like these don’t come by often. From meeting the renowned Biomedical head who worked in one of the largest Biomedical precincts in the world, to visiting a private museum that showcased fascinating (yet gory) human specimens, and being able to interact with many knowledgeable insiders, were experiences I will never forget. – Amy Le (11C)

The Biomedical Sciences Day at GTAC and Melbourne University was really enjoyable. We got to use different types of microscopes to look at different types of specimens. My personal favourite was the electron-scanning microscope which produced a black and white photo of a Drosophila fly. We also had the chance to explore the museum of anatomy and pathology, where most, if not all specimens in the museum were real. It was quite an amazing experience but at the same time also very confronting (especially when viewing the pathology specimens). Overall, the Biomedical day was very different to other science excursions and was very insightful. Would recommend for anyone who is given the chance. – Caelan Nguyen (11D)

I had a really fun day and it was a great experience to explore more of Melbourne University and the biomedical field. We got to talk to uni students about their areas of research which was genuinely super interesting. My favourite part of the day was definitely the VR experience and I learnt so much about the field of bio-med! – Sophia Le (10E)

The Biomedical Sciences Day at GTAC and Melbourne University was a really fun and amazing day which gave insight into life at Melbourne Uni as a Biomed student, through their QnA section and presentation. The highlight of the day was definitely visiting the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology as everything included in the museum were real body parts donated for science. Ricardo Vom (10D)

I really enjoyed the day at GTAC. I felt that we were able to get a broad sense of many branches that stem from biomedicine and different ways they incorporate technology into the work and research they do. My favourite part of the day at GTAC was looking at the zebra fish under the microscope where I was able to see them hatch in real time. The day out on this excursion definitely solidified my passion for science and interest in continuing doing this path for the future. – Tiana Stepanovski (10E)


Mr Myers Nguyen – Science and Mathematics Teacher