As we welcome back our Middle School students to the final term of 2023, we also welcome a new Connect, Protect and Respect theme. At Middle School assemblies held in week 1, we encouraged students to take part in the Kindness Challenge. As part of our ‘Giving Back’ theme this term, students can say thanks and give back to our school community through small acts of kindness.


At the assemblies, a number of students were presented with certificates for their work on the MAC production held in term 3. We congratulate all students who participated on and off the stage for their hard work, effort and commitment.

The school calendar has already been full of events and opportunities for students. 11 year 10 students participated in the Melbourne University GTAC excursion early this term. This provided students with the opportunity to explore the GTAC facilities, talk to current students about their research projects and get a first-hand experience of what it is like work and learn in the Biomedical Sciences Digital Learning Hub.

Our year 10 Politics students visited Government House as part of their study of the Australia Political system, where they were taken on a tour to get a first-hand look and experience the lives of those that work there.

Students are currently completing work which will be reflected on the next round of Progress Reports. These will be available in week 4 and 5 for year 10 and 9 respectively. We remind all Middle School students to continue to be proactive in their learning, arrive to class on time with their equipment and finish the year of strong.

The Middle School would like to welcome our school community back to term 4 and we look forward to celebrating our students’ successes as we near the end of the year.


Mr Andrei Alexandrescu – Middle Sub School Assistant Leader