A huge welcome back to our students in Junior School for Term 4.

The start of Term 4 sees our Year 8 students attending class camps and enjoying time with their classmates before they move into Year 9 next year.

Year 8 are also attending the Indigenous Science workshops over the next few weeks. It has been a wonderful learning experience for the students. Students will learn about how Indigenous people use science in everyday life and compare the sustainability of past practises with current ones. They are also attending the Dark Matters exhibition to explore the fundamental essence of life and the universe and how much of it remains unknown to us.

Our Junior Assemblies held a focus on Giving Back. This term our CPR theme is “Giving Back.” This theme is about fostering a community at the college that practices gratitude and kindness to others and grow strong connections across our community. It is also about modelling to students how to grow and strengthen our community through giving to others.

Year 7 and 8 Students are competing in the Junior Baseball and Softball competitions this Term. They have been keenly practising, and will attend competitions in the western suburbs and in Geelong with Ms Phyland. Thank you to Ms. Phyland for all the time you are putting into the preparation.

Students are reminded to be Prepared for Learning every day with equipment, devices, uniform and being on time to class.  

Remember to always communicate with your teachers if you are having and is

sues or difficulties with your work and submitting assessment.

Have a successful Term 4 and “Finish Strong!”


Ms Lauren Honeycombe – Junior Sub School Leader