On Tuesday on the September 5, ten Interact Club members took on the exciting responsibility of becoming educators and role models for approximately 50 primary school-aged students. Our students visited the Brimbank Bicycle Education Centre to help deliver the Traffic Awareness Program and Learn to Ride Program.

The Traffic Awareness Program was a hit among the primary school students. Our students led discussions on the rules of the road, safety tips, and the importance of responsible cycling. The children learned valuable lessons about sharing the road and ensuring their safety.

Meanwhile, during Learn to Ride Program, our SASC students guided the primary school children to take their first steps (or pedals) towards mastering the skill of cycling. It was inspiring to witness the patience and encouragement that our students provided as they helped their younger peers overcome their challenges and fears.

This event is an example of the positive influence our students can have on the community. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, they not only instilled a sense of responsibility and awareness but also made the learning process incredibly enjoyable.

Thank you to the following Interact Members for volunteering their time:

  • Fathi Abdirahman 9K
  • Kaitlyn Au 9C
  • Tali Bui 10D
  • Aiden Duong Le 10G
  • Taneesha Jeyanthan 9J
  • Bao Nguyen 10G
  • Gabriella Orellana 7D
  • Erica Shaw 7C
  • Stephanie Truong 9C
  • Angela Vu 9C



Ms Emily Dickinson – Middle Sub School Coordinator | Science & Biology Teacher