During term 3, twenty Year 9 students were selected to participate in a GOALS program delivered by ABCN – Business Partnering with Education. The 4-session program focused on Enterprise and Employability to empower our students with invaluable skills and mindsets that will pave the way for their future success. It focused on building students’ confidence, the importance of setting goals and continuing their education to Year 12 and beyond. Students worked with mentors from Evan and Partners on Collins Street on activities that include goal setting, communication, values, and personal strengths.

Our students learnt the art of setting SMART goals. Through the program, they gained insights into the importance of having a clear vision and a roadmap for their future. By developing the skill of setting and tracking goals, they are laying a strong foundation for success. They were also encouraged to think critically, analyze situations, and make informed decisions. This skill not only enhances their employability but also makes them thoughtful and responsible members of our community.

Our students’ participation in the ABCN Goals Program showed their commitment to personal growth. They gained skills that will support them through their education journey and make them productive citizens in our community.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact of these skills on our students’ academic achievements and future careers. Thank you to the ABCN Goals Program and Evans and Partners, for providing this incredible opportunity for our students.


Ms Emily Dickinson – Middle Sub School Coordinator | Science & Biology Teacher