So far in 2023, St Albans Secondary College has supported the future of the teaching profession by hosting 17 pre-service teachers from the University of Melbourne (Melbourne Graduate School of Education – MGSE), Deakin University, Australian Catholic University, and La Trobe University for their placements. The total number of pre-service teachers will reach approximately 25 by the end of the school year.

The Staff Development Team would like to take this opportunity to thank our brilliant mentors for their contribution and dedication (alphabetical order):

  • Ms Rebecca Annetts
  • Ms Shona Cowell
  • Ms Tessa Gould
  • Ms Lauren Morrison
  • Mr James Orchard
  • Ms Di Phyland
  • Ms Tania Segura
  • Mr Dane Stammers
  • Ms Melissa Tamraz
  • Mr Athanasios Theoharopoulos
  • Ms Caroline Tran
  • Ms Melrose Tran
  • Ms Ebony Vincent
  • Mr Steven Vo
  • Ms Gloria Yi

We greatly appreciate your demonstration of the Teaching Excellence at St Albans Secondary College. A big thank you to our wonderful admin and IT staff as well, for their assistance and support. We look forward to the upcoming placements for the rest of the year.


Gloria Yi – Assistant Staff Development Coordinator