Students in the Junior School have had a busy Term 3  and are no doubt eagerly waiting for the holidays. 

Term 3 has seen Year 8 classes commencing to go to the school camp.  The first few camp have been at Riddell’s Creek, while later camps will be at the usual venue of Strathbogie.  There have been significant capital works undertaken at Strathbogie, causing the delay in getting started with Year 8 camps.  Students get to enjoy a variety of activities such as bushwalking, swimming and archery.  The Year 8 camps will continue through to the very end of the year.  These trips have been particularly valuable as most of the students have missed out on camps and other excursions over the past two years.  Please ensure that you pay prompt attention to permission slips and medical forms when they are issued, as some camps will be very full.

Year level assemblies were conducted in week 7 of Term 3, where a number of topics were touched upon.  A number of students were presented with certificates for participation and achievement in Science competition.  Congratulations to all of those students.  In addition the school’s expectations for behaviour were reinforced.  For all of our students this was simply confirming what has been stated at assemblies and in class over their time at St Albans.  We encourage the whole school community to be aware of the Values Matrix, which is included in the school diary. 

Junior School students would have received their Progress Reports early in Term 3.  We encourage all families to review the Progress Reports together with the students in order to celebrate the many successes and set strategies for further improvement.  Please let your student’s coordinator know if you are having difficulty accessing the reports on Compass.

We wish all our students an enjoyable term break and look forward to seeing everybody back at school for Term 4.


Mr Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Coordinator