Model United Nations Excursion

On Tuesday 28 August, two teams of students, accompanied by Ms Amy Lee and Ms Katie O’Connell, travelled to the Centre for Higher Education Studies in South Yarra to take part in a Model United Nations event. Model UN, as it is known, is an enrichment activity where students learn about how the United Nations works by participating in a simulation of a UN event. They are given the chance to practice and model the processes of amending and passing resolutions that will impact the UN’s member states.

There were two SASC teams taking part – a Year 12 team with Jennifer To, Wendy Lieu, and Kayslin Lui Lam (who were supported by Karli Keskin), representing Mexico, and a Year 10 team with Kristijan Stanojoski, Ethan Shaw, Minhthu Huynh, and Haybel Verma, representing Cuba. In the lead up to the event, both teams met several times to research and build their country profiles to ensure that they understood the decisions that each country would be likely to make.

On the day itself, each team passionately presented their initial positions in front of the ‘General Assembly’, made up of the 30 different teams who were in attendance. After every country had presented their statements, the teams had the opportunity to present amendments to the proposed resolutions. Much like in real life, members of different teams visited the representatives from other countries to discuss their proposals, negotiate deals, and drum up support to have their resolutions and amendments passed.

Finally, all of the amended resolutions were presented and voted on by the assembled countries. Each of our teams saw a resolution that they had proposed or amended be successfully passed with support from other countries.

Our two teams found the Model UN experience enjoyable and rewarding. Many thanks to Mr Conboy, who liaised with CHES to organise this excursion.



Amy Lee – English and Humanities Teacher / Learning Specialist Formative Assessment & Feedback