Book Week Bingo

As part of the Book Week celebrations, the House team put a challenge out to all students called ‘Book Week Bingo’. The students had to sign up to receive a bingo card which contained a specific type of book that the students needed to find and read, then they could cross it off their bingo card. 

They had two weeks to read as many books as possible before the winners would be announced. In the end, it was Khola Fatima of 7A who read a total of 16 books in two weeks to take out the top prize! She won 200 house points for Freeman and a $30 book voucher.


In a close second place was Han Luong of 9J who read a total of 9 books in two weeks, she won 100 house points for Irwin and a box of favourites for her efforts!

Thank you again to all who participated in the Book Week Bingo and keep on reading!


Taylor Decker –  JSS Year Level Coordinator /  VCE &Legal Studies Teacher / Irwin House Leader


A massive thank you to everyone who participated in the staff vs students dodgeball competition on Monday at lunch time. The students finally won their first match against the teachers, winning by 2-1!

Agalua Aumau and Owen McIntyre battled it out in the last minute of the match, but Agalua reigned supreme!

The HOUSE team would also like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the facilities team for helping set up the COLA, Derek from the IT department for setting up the microphone and Bluetooth speaker, the PE department for allowing us to use their equipment, and to Mr Dang for helping me umpire the match.

These events would be possible without the help, support and participation of all. Thank you so much to everyone who continuously provide assistance!

Until next terms competition where we will shoot some hoops in basketball!


Emily Obeid – Junior School Coordinator / English & Humanities Teacher / Rosewall House Leader

Chess Challenge

Over the last four weeks in term 3, we witnessed a thrilling chess tournament that showcased the remarkable talent of our students. The House Chess Challenge saw some excellent games filled with strategic battles and brilliant moves. From mastering openings to executing endgame strategies, it was evident that these young chess prodigies had dedicated hours of practice to reach this stage. Each participant earned valuable house points for their effort, fostering a sense of friendly competition among the Houses.

Finals week saw the best of our juniors and seniors competing head-to-head in a series of intense matches. In a brilliant display of chessmanship, Duc Phan from 11E emerged as the ultimate chess champion, clinching victory for Rosewall House. Duc’s victory not only earned him recognition but also a generous 100 points for Rosewall House, propelling them into the overall House lead with a whopping 10,891 points!

The level of talent exhibited during the finals was nothing short of extraordinary. With timed games and rapid, smart moves, it was a true test of skill and mental agility. Every move had consequences, and it was exciting to watch the matches unfolded. Regardless of the outcome, all participants earned house points for their dedication and sportsmanship, contributing to their respective house totals.

A huge congratulations to the following students for making it to the finals:

  • Luke Downing 10D
  • Nhan Nguyen 10D
  • Duc Phan 11E
  • Kevin Lam 8C
  • Phuoc Le 7C


Students vs. Teachers Challenge

As a special treat, the students who made it to the finals took on a formidable challenge – a teachers vs. students showdown. The students, armed with confidence, went head-to-head with the seasoned staff members. The result? A resounding victory for the students, with an impressive score of 11-0 and one hard-fought draw.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in the House Chess Challenge. It was your enthusiasm, commitment, and competitive spirit that made this a fun event. A special shout-out goes to our dedicated teachers who volunteered to play against such fierce student talent. Your support and encouragement are so appreciated.


Ms Julie Panayiotou – Design Technology LAL / House System Coordinator