Cinderella: Time After Time


We are thrilled with the rave reviews and wish to thank all families and staff who supported the production and came to see the show. It was great to have lively, encouraging audiences and a packed house every night. Thank you too to the many staff who assisted with this production. Special thanks to Nick D’Aglas (producer & artistic director) Melrose Tran ( musical director) James Orchard ( assistant musical director) Hebah Shone ( production assistant).  Our choreographers – Meaghan Hocking, Tania Segura and Ebony Vincent. Our teacher musicians- Ashleigh Huisman & Joe Vincent. Our make up artists- Kathleen Main & Della Butler, Poster and T.Shirt Design Gerard Uhl, Props – Niki Hadad, Lillian Le- Admin support, Ben Cooper- rehearsal photographer and all other office staff and teachers who assisted along the way. It was a big team, and all contributions are greatly appreciated


Ms Janet McKenzie – Director

Time After Time:  A Total Triumph – (Review written by Helen Kent)


As glittering and gorgeous as a
glass slipper, everything about this production is



From the overture’s surprisingly sinister pared back sax rendition of “Material Girl” – a precursor to the arrival of Ella’s superbly serpentine stepmother and sisters –  to the irresistible, sumptuously rocking grand finale, each scene dazzles.

Days after opening night, my guest and I keep finding ourselves humming Cyndi Lauper or Nina Simone, wistfully remembering a shimmering Ella in the arms of her prince, recollecting the superb vocalists or giggling to ourselves at some of the production’s comic scenes and characters.

Leaving the theatre on Tuesday night, we felt inspired. There is a unique kind of feeling that only a production presented by a truly cohesive and collaborative cast and crew can evoke.

“Time After Time” offers its audience that rare and pleasurable gift.

Every member of the cast and crew of “Time after Time” deserves a standing ovation and any ticket holder of the closing night of this spectacular example of musical theatre is fortunate indeed.

Let’s get Loud!!!👏🕛❤