Term 3 continues to be filled with exciting extra-curricular events for the Junior Sub School. Students are in the midst of assessment tasks and tests and learning is well underway.

Year 8 Science

Looking ahead In October Term 4 – All Year 8 classes will attend an excursion to the Science Gallery in Carlton. Students will learn about how Indigenous people use science in everyday life and compare the sustainability of past practises with current ones. They will also attend the Dark Matters exhibition to explore the fundamental essence of life and the universe and how much of it remains unknown to us. 

This excursion will be important to the students Curriculum. Please ensure consent and payment is made by the due date.

Year 8 Forums

We held a number of student Forums this month to dig deep into the Students Attitude to School Survey results. Our aim was to interview and to identify areas of need for our students, and to support them in their learning and engagement at St Albans.

Year 8 Sport

We have many representative sports occurring this term including Junior Basketball and Table Tennis. We wish our Junior Teams the best of luck against the other schools competing.

Progress Reports

Teachers have just completed writing progress reports. Any student who is failing more than 2 subjects will be contacted by the Coordinator. Student’s whose progress is unsatisfactory in any subject, will be interviewed by the Coordinator with a view to improving results.


It is important that our students arrive to school on time in the morning and during the day to all classes. At St Albans Secondary College, we value punctuality. Just a reminder that students who are continuously late to school in the morning will be required to attend afterschool detentions as assigned by the Sub School.  


Ms Lauren Honeycombe – Junior Sub School Leader