As part of their unit on ‘Food in Italy’, Year 8 Italian students from, Ms Morrison, Ms Honeycombe and Ms Bentley’s classes had the opportunity this term to learn how to make authentic pasta dough at home and learn about the 350 different shapes of pasta and their accompanying sauces.

Congratulations to Amy Shi of 8M for her turle design and to Sally Wang of 8I for her amazing snake design.



Congratulations also to all the other runners up from each class.

8B -Moto, Tina M, Quynh Anh, Henry, Alice and Anh T.

8I – Bianca, Delphi, Amina, Ken, Kevin N, and Paige

8J – Puneet, Ishmeet, Amanda, Delta, Nazrawit, Bao

8L – Kaitlin, Tina, Emily, Angela, Jessica Le, Hayden

8M – Kian, Yuki, Chantell, Darlene, Thanapat, Farishtay


Ms Piera Bentley – Italian Teacher