We welcome the middle school student back from the school holidays and are pleased to report they have started really well. The end of last term was a busy one for the Year 10 cohort as they finished their Work Experience and started their new semester 2 subjects. We had some fantastic feedback regarding our year 10’s while on work experience. There were many positive stories and some students were able to secure part-time work after impressing at their workplace.

On day one of this term we held year level assemblies so the students could show their appreciation towards Kerrie Dowsley, the college principal before she retires this term. The assemblies were organised and run by our student representative council. These students have had the opportunity to continue to grow their leadership and public speaking skills. We encourage any students who would like to help organise or run these assemblies to speak to their year level coordinator.

The start of this term has focussed on preparing for the future. The Year 9’s have been completing careers assignments that have begun to narrow down a list of future careers. The Year 10’s have also done some work in classes on identifying options for future study or work. In weeks three and four of this term students will be selecting their subjects for next year. The careers team along with the middle sub-school coordinators will be supporting them in this process. We had a brilliant turn out for our Year 10 Information Evening and we thank the parents for their attendance and their support of the college.

There are two major events upcoming this term. The school production is running in week 4 and we have a large number of middle school students who are either performing or assisting in the running of the show. The staff and students have been preparing for months so please show your support and attend what will be a brilliant show. The other major event for the middle sub-school is the Year 9 City Experience Week. Held in week 8 this term, students will spend the week in the city undertaking research projects, visiting major landmarks and participating in a variety of sporting days. Teachers and year level coordinators will supervise the students and we are hoping for some great weather.

After such a positive start to the term we encourage students to continue the good work and try to make the most out of the upcoming careers work and to celebrate their fellow students successes in the school production. As always we thank parents and guardians for your ongoing support and look forward to continuing to work with the students in the middle sub-school.

Mr Owen McIntyre  – Middle Sub School Leader