As you would be aware, after many years of service, Ms Kerrie Dowsley is retiring from the Department of Education, leaving St Albans Secondary College specifically.

Kerrie started teaching at Prahran High School in 1978, and transferred to the then St Albans High School in 1981.  Over her time at the College she undertook many leadership roles, becoming Assistant Principal in 2001 and Principal of the College in 2007.

Under Kerrie’s leadership the College has gone from strength to strength. Student outcomes have improved, and the College has become the school of choice for many in the area.

Kerrie’s commitment to the local community has been unwavering, and she has built lifelong friendships with some of her students. The influence she has had on hundreds of staff and thousands of students has been profound.

She will be greatly missed by all of the St Albans College community, and we wish her well in her retirement and all that the future brings.





Craig Jennings – Assistant Principal