Farewell Ms Kerrie Dowsley from the Alumni Program

There were many genuine and heartfelt messages sent in from our alumni community to bid farewell to their former teacher and principal, Ms Kerrie Dowsley.  Kerrie had an enormous impact on the lives of the former students, with many of them expressing gratitude for the life changing role that she played in their lives. There were simply too many adjectives among the messages to fully encapsulate the feelings here, but some recurrent words were motivational, inspirational, supportive, kind, dedicated, and caring.

Universally, the sentiment was that her guidance and leadership have provided meaningful impact during her tenure and that she will be deeply missed…and celebrated and wished well…but missed all the same! More than a few of the messages brought a tear to my eye, I can’t even begin to imagine the effect they had on Ms Dowsley!



Alumni Winter Review

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Ms Nicole Gurd – Alumni Coordinator