This term, Middle School students have participated in a number of programs, from the year 10 Proactive Programs, work experience and end of semester exams. 

The Big Science Competition, one of the biggest international science competitions, was held in May and saw 30 middle school students take part. The competition is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and provides students the chance to track their performance against state or national averages. All participants receive a certificate indicating their performance and have the chance to win some great prizes.


Term two also saw year 9 students completing their first semester tests, which assesses their academic skills in the core subjects of English/EAL, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Physical Education and any language they have studied. Students have since received feedback on their performance and areas of improvement.

Year 10 students have completed semester 1 examinations in all subject areas, before participating in the Proactive Program. The programs’ theme was Self Improvement and provided students the opportunity to select 4 sessions to attend. The sessions on offer included Leadership Skills, Study Skills, Poetry, Resume Writing and Interview Skills, Self Defence and Meditation, amongst others. At the end of the program, all students attended the Party Safe presentation, organised by our Wellbeing team and ran by Sonya Karras from Whole New World. The Middle School team would like to thank Ms. Annetts, Ms. Bryant, Ms. Obeid, Ms. Zdravevski, Mr. Olthof, Ms. Good and Ms. Lee for taking the time to plan, organise and run sessions throughout the program. The feedback received from students made it clear their input was invaluable. We would also like to thank all staff who supervised sessions.

The end of semester celebration assembly saw students being rewarded for their hard work so far this year with attendance and house points awards being handed out to year 10 students.    


Work experience is underway for all year 10 students, with the Careers team supporting students all semester to contact, secure and attend their work experience placement. Staff have been in contact or visiting students, with feedback being overwhelmingly positive.

On behalf of the Middle Sub-School, we wish everyone a safe and restful holiday.



Andrei Alexandrescu  – Middle Sub School Coordinator