Congratulations to David Amoul

Congratulations to David Amoul for his outstanding victory in the SASC Sharemarket Game for semester 1! As part of his Personal Financial Management (PFM) subject, David, alongside other PFM students, delved into the world of wealth accumulation and investment through stocks and the sharemarket. Within this curriculum, all students participated in the ASX School Sharemarket Game, where they were provided with $50,000 in virtual funds to invest in a selection of companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The game then tracked the growth and performance of their share portfolios over a span of 3 months.

David’s investment prowess resulted in an impressive increase from his initial $50,000 to a remarkable $56,539. His success can be largely attributed to his astute decision to back companies involved in the renewable energy and rare earth minerals markets. This accomplishment is particularly remarkable considering that only 44% of game participants managed to make any profit at all. David’s outstanding performance has secured him a place among the top 250 students nationally, outshining more than 24,000 participants across Australia. Well done, David!


Mr Dane Stammers – Psychology and Commerce Teacher | Commerce Learning Area Leader