Monday June 5, we welcomed back Jason Nguyen ’20 once again to talk to our Year 10 students as part of their Proactive Program.  Jason gave an impressive speech (TED talk worthy) about what self-improvement looks like in Year 10 and importantly how to activate it by learning, application, and reflection. He shared his story about his greatest learning curve so far – first year university – and how he struggled with self-directed learning, and less support and handholding. The students were encouraged to find ways to become more organised and efficient with their study and life habits.

The importance of part-time work and physical outlets were also discussed; having some financial freedom and fun is vital to achieving work/study/life balance. Aside from scheduling and actioning, Jason stressed the importance of reflection and managing expectations. His main message was not to live by expectations (from parents, friends, or self-imposed) and to reflect on your achievements to gauge happiness and fulfilment, because at the end of the day it is you who decides who you become, professionally and personally. How do you feel about yourself when you are by yourself?


There was more alumni involvement during the Year 10 proactive programs week. Jamie Koutras ’21 assisted with the slam poetry workshop. He demonstrated leadership and creativity by helping students with their poems, and by sharing his own poems and songs. He was supportive, patient and encouraging. It was a pleasure working with Jamie, and it is clear the students appreciated his valuable contribution to this program – Ms. Bryant.

Tuesday June 13, saw an alumni program takeover of the on-campus Work Experience Program. We started the day with a Q&A with teacher and alumna Ms. Ana Miskovic ‘14. Ms. Miskovic spoke about her time as a student at SASC and the challenges she faced as well as how she overcame them. She told the students about her pathway to become a teacher and shared some sage advice about taking your time to figure things out. We finished off the session with a game of Interview Jenga which saw her answering questions about personal growth and communication.  The students willingly took part in communications games during periods three and four; we touched on the importance of body language and tone in conveying a message, and how to read and understand emotions. Periods five and six involved another alumni Q&A with former students Jess Panayi ’19 and Bill Dawson ’78. Both small business owners, Jess and Bill spoke to students about their struggles at school, and how finding their passion and developing new skills has given their lives purpose and meaning.

Education Week – Shout Outs

Below are some heart- warming shout outs from former students to staff.   All your student relationships are impactful, and for many, your interactions can be life changing.

Former Student – Malwal Maguang




Ms Nicole Gurd – Alumni Coordinator