The Junior Sub-school continues to be a hive of activity.  The year 7 Expo was held on 28 February.  This event was an opportunity for the parents and carers of our Year 7 students to come into the school and gain some first hand experience of the learning activities that their students do.  The classes were welcomed into the school via Google Meet by our College Principal and Assistant Principal.  Then each of the classroom teachers and the coordinators had some time with the groups, explaining a little about their subject and moving through some activities.  Attendance at the event was very high, with 7C and 7E having a particularly strong turn out.  These two classes were rewarded with a ‘pizza lunch’ for their efforts.

The Year 7 camps program has been continuing.  All of the students returning have reported some great experiences.  Most recently, 7I returned from Strathbogie.  Elijah Pejcinovski claimed that one of the local wombats was stalking him.  According to Elijah “it ran out of the bush twice, with its glowing red eyes”.  We are not convinced that wombats have glowing red eyes, but we know that it is fantastic that the class got to see a wombat up close and this may inspire a further study of our local flora and fauna.  Please ensure when your child has an opportunity to go on camp and that the forms are returned in a prompt manner.  Camp offers an opportunity to strengthen bonds with classmates and to develop a rapport with staff outside of the regular classroom. 

As the term comes to a close please listen out for important announcements on Compass, including Parent Teacher Interviews and the early finish on 6 April.

The Junior Sub-School team ran a series of forums with students to unpack the results of a recent survey into youth resilience. 


Mr Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Assistant Leader