Year 9 ADVANCE Camp at Lady Northcote

On the February 6, the Advance class of year 9 went to YMCA  Lady Northcote Recreation camp. We spent two days (one night) at the camp site. Although it was short, I’m pretty sure that everyone had a fun experience getting to know each other and being able to build their leadership and teamwork skills. We did fun activities such as canoeing, yabbying, playing sports, pizza making and strolling across the whole campsite. I enjoyed meeting Ryan (our camp activities leader) and his talks were very educational.

I was really nervous that I might not interact with other students and that I will just talk with my friends, but in fact I got to talk to some of them. I really like our Advance group because everyone is nice and also a bit quiet. We were joined by nice and cool teachers, Miss Papagianopoulos and Mr. Marinelli. I’m glad that everyone in our class is responsible, cooperative and very kind. When we were canoeing we had so much fun getting wet in our jeans and having to learn how to row with three people in one canoe. When we were on our breaks and chilling, we shared laughs in our cabin and got to talk about some of our experiences throughout the camp. I really like our moments in our cabin (number 9). On the second day we were really tired in the morning and it was cold. We did sports and pizza making. While we were in sports I really tried playing sports like foosball, nerf rocket and a bit of basketball. In summary I will cherish the moments that we created on this camp.


Written by – Sahri Lopez 9B