As we begin a brand new year, the Middle School would like to welcome back all students, especially those who are moving up from Junior School. A warm welcome also to all new students and families to the St Albans Secondary College community.

Middle School students have started the year prepared for learning. Co-ordinators have been impressed by students’ organisation, effort and enthusiasm towards their learning. Year 9 students are in the process of meeting with their co-ordinators to ensure any questions or concerns are addressed early and Year 10 students are enjoying the opportunity to study an increased number of elective subjects, compared to 2022.

Throughout week 4 and 5, Year 9 students will be completing the Morrisby Career Guidance Counselling assessment. The program supports student career pathways, identifies student strengths and encourages students to think about their interests. 

This term, Year 9 students will participate in an informative session presented by the Pat Cronin Foundation. This session will support students with conflict management and provide strategies on how to prevent senseless violence, while Year 10 students will participate in the Proactive Policing presentation.

The Middle School would like to congratulate all Year 9 and 10 students on a strong start to 2023, and wish them a successful year.


Mr Andrei Alexandrescu – Middle Sub School Assistant Leader